Atrel has its own design department with 3D design stations. For the gas systems our specialists make technical calculations of flow rates and pressure drops for example. For pressure barrels Atrel performs strength calculations and we arrange the PED conformity. After the manufacture of the gas system an as-built drawing is made. As specialist in the field of natural gas systems Atrel knows the ins and outs, like no other, of the national and international laws and regulations and environmental and safety requirements. We design gas trains in accordance with the European Guideline EN 746-2 or the American NFPA 37 (or 54) and are, if required, explosion proof in accordance with the European ATX or North American guidelines. If requested, we will perform a risk assessment for the gas system to be supplied.


Atrel has its own work shop and with larger assignments we can – if required – cooperate with qualified sub-contractors. Manufacturing can be done in accordance with EN, DIN or ASME standards. The welders that produce the spool pieces are qualified and the installations are only equipped with CE approved devices. Each installation is tested for strength and density with calibrated measure equipment and provided with a unique manufacturing number. All certificates of the parts, strength calculations and pressure certificates are bundled in a Manufacturing Data Book. Atrel maintains this information digitally and therefore can be provided at any time.

Call out service & Maintenance

To assure an optimum maintenance of your installation, Atrel can offer you a service contract. So your installation will always be up to date and unplanned corrective maintenance will be limited to a minimum. Atrel has service parts in stock and has technical professional employees with VCA and VIAG certificates.

There are different causes, such as increasing urbanisation, why installations sometimes no longer comply with the current legal requirements regarding environment and safety. Plus, in the course of time the maintenance costs of the installation can go up and the reliability of the reducing station can go down. Atrel can refurbish your outdated installation according to the latest state of technology.

On request, components from the web shop can be assembled in our work place to a functional unit. Example: you choose a valve and an actuator and we turn this into an automated valve.