Gas companies

Atrel designs and builds measure and control stations for gas distribution companies and bulk gas consumers. From small measure set up to multi-stream stations, complete with building. Thanks to our years of experience and specialised expertise we are able to combine cost efficiency with high quality and sustainability. Atrel supplies gas stations prefabricated on a frame, if possible, so the work activities on the building site are kept to a minimum.

Engineering firms

For renowned engineering firms Atrel is a reliable partner for the high-specialised development and implementation of gas systems. Regardless the location or application: not just onshore but also for the offshore industry and shipping, such as gas systems on FPSO’s, LNG carriers or other marine applications. This can include ships where gas engines are installed for the indirect powering of the ship and energy supply aboard.


For the industry Atrel supplies, among others, gas trains for heat production, process burners, gas engines and gas turbines and gas conditioned installations such as filtering and gas/liquid separation for example for heating, pressure control and gas quantity measurement. Clients are industrial companies including bulk consumers of energy but also energy providers for heat generation.